Ethnic cleansing?

8pm news showing some heated argument on what they called it ethnic cleansing. I am not particularly interested in discussing this topic as I might get ‘accused’ of might spreading different perspective that might differ from the country aspiration even though internet is one of the platform where you can write anything to speak your mind, so i can write anything i want.

Well i personally feel there is something wrong with the society, education system, mindset etc as to why some people feel they being ‘cleanse’ by the government. WE got to change the mindset of living ‘harmoniously’ to living in ‘UNITY’. The way I see now, here in West Malaysia is that we live in harmony within our own circle. NO. THAT is not how we should live! We should live in unity; all together, in one place instead of having one Kg Baharu here, China town there, etc.

I am not ashamed to admit this but during my early stay in KL, having to find friends in the university; I was taken ABACK on the way people label you; that malay girl- that indian guy. OR asking you to segregate into your race to line up. My whole life I never get to be called as ‘malays’ you see. Back at home, we called or describe people by their look or the way he/she behave at that particular moment and NOT by their race. I feel we need to ‘change’ that mindset as to not label people by their race. For god sake, we’re moving forward to achieve to be in the developed countries economically & we should change our mindset towards that too. Not becoming more racist & all.


Anyway, enough of all this. We should start smile, talk to each other and shake hands. ha.ha. I just came back from tennis practice court. I need to work more on my forehand volley. Oh, also I’m starting to picking up this bad habit of one hand backhand. It should be okay if I am comfortable with it but somehow I should start 2-hand backhand for a good shot. I am so going to miss my tennis practice court in UM; the one opposite Law Faculty. That is MY place in the varsity.

Finally! Someone translated Rafa’s speech during the Exhibition match in KL. You can view it here! ☺ He said thank you for coming & hoping to see you soon! me still in cloud 9; he smile & waved!! (Refer to my blog post earlier).

Going to bathe now. Later!

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