Clash of Titans

OMG! It’s 12.23 am 22 November 07 & Im terribly exhausted from everything.
OK I don’t know how to spill everything here as I have sooo much mixed feelings, memories etc to jot down here & im sleepy. I MUST write it off now before i forget all.

I went to Shah Alam with Sharon on the 20th Nov 07 & checked in to the nearest hotel to the Melawati Stadium. Had briyani lunch at the Tesco next to the hotel & it was delicious! It is the kind of restaurant specializing in the nasi briyani.

At 5 pm we started walking to the stadium. It took us 20 to 30 minutes to walk to the stadium from the hotel. It was drizzling when we were walking. Managed to get snap few pictures with the banners etc. ha.ha. typical me!

Anyway, when we arrived there, we somehow ended up at the entrance of the VIP corporate box & i saw 3 Brabus black with Ritz-Carlton logo on the driver door. I whispered to Sharon that I bet those Ritz-Carlton car brought over the athletes to the stadium. I guessed it right! It was 5.30 pm when we saw the car parking there, so Nadal & Gasquet must be inside already. Gosh, they were so damn early to the game!

They open up the door around 6.30 pm & we were among the few who got in to the stadium. We bought the souvenir book for 25 bucks with a lucky draw number & Im holding number 001! ha.ha. The lucky ones will get a chance to get upclose & personal with Nadal & Gasquet! wow! Anyway, Im not the lucky ones. sigh.

We were quite dissapointed with our seats. We bought the cheapest ticket (RM83) & it was way too far to see the game. We didn’t even bring any binocular. So, yeah. Quite dissapointed.

Anyway, after a couple of minutes regreting our seats, some players starting to play at the court. One guy playing against 2 guys (Seems to be Malaysians; with one fair & another darker skin color) which I assume should be Malaysian tennis players. Ha.ha. and shockingly, the one guy at the other side of the court looks like Rafael Nadal! So I went down to the nearest I can get & see who’s the guy. I was right! It was HIM! So i snap plenty of his pictures (forehand & backhand warm-up) & 1 video clip.

I told Sharon whenever he facing us, just wave at him. I DIDN’T expect he would face us and he DID! It was the time when he’s trying to pick up the ball & we waved and guess what?? He WAVED back at us & SMILE! He was so shy! and we were so shocked & I missed out the part where he smiled at us. Im DAMN sure he smiled at us because we were the only people at one side.

We were soooo in cloud 9 over it! The game started with some local instruments music & ethnic dance as well as performance by Ruffedge. It was live-telecast to 50 over countries & was shown live in Starsport! he.he.

The game was fun to watch! I can’t remember all the details but there are some few VERY impressive shots from both players; super-duper high stamina from Nadal; Gasquet ONE backhand was SUPER IMPRESSIVE too! In the end, Nadal won. 🙂

After the game, we went straight to the VIP Corporate box entrance to wait for the players. We were there for about 30 minutes (Yes, that long; they have press conference inside & meeting with the lucky draw winners). By the time they went to their car, I did not managed to get their pictures. sad. so does Sharon to get signature. But before they leave, I grab Sharon & ran towards the car where I managed to get their pictures in the car. I was knocking on the car windshield but he didn’t look at me. too bad. Anyway, managed to get both of their pictures though. Check out photos in my Facebook!

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