New Year 2009!

Happy new year to all! Thank you for endless new year wishes y’all! I hope new year brings more great adventures to everyone life! 🙂 

2008 has been a great year for me: I’ve graduated & started working life; new friends; new hobby etc. I’m hoping 2009 will bring more great things & exciting life to unfold within this 2009 onwards. I can’t wait! 

I spent my new year’s eve by having dinner at Toscani’s, Waterfront with NF. We’re supposed to celebrate NY in one large group but in the end, the plan didn’t execute & left the two of us celebrating. Anyhow, we had fun talkin’ & chillin’ & his friend came & join us before the clock strikes to 12. So there were 3 of us, two guys and a girl. ho,ho.


Wasn’t in the mood of taking pictures during the countdown as I feel it is hopeless because the only firework we saw was from some island direction. I can’t get the point of people taking pictures of firework that far (from the Waterfront) even those with dSLR + telephoto zoom, I find it useless & ridiculous. 

Anyway, the only object that I’m interested in photographing was the fiber optic table lighting decor I bought from the guy selling it from table to table. I told him of the type of lighting that looks cool using fiber optic (as one dedicated to the decor of National Science Centre in KL). Ah. I want to light my house with that kind of lighting. 

Below is the best shot I’ve taken last night. sigh.



Ah. woke up late this morning (Hey I came back home at about 3.30ish mind you!) & hurried to wash up, lunch & off to 1B to meet Ivan & collecting my macbook from the mac shop.  Ah. I feel so sad that when I switch on my macbook, everything has been wiped off & it’s fresh as it is just came out from the factory.

I need to download & install application such as Lightroom 2, Aperture as well as syncing my SE to the macbook.

The only thing that I’m thankful of is that I’m using Leopard 🙂 woohoo.

Blessing in disguise 🙂

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  1. Anne says:

    Hello Ida!!! Happy New Year to you! I spent my new year at this gathering thingy with my family, the same thing every single year. It could get bored but I thought it’s only once a year 😉 I haven’t been out with friends yet. I am at home, lazying, and fulfilling my duty as an “obedient” daughter! LOLz. I really have to move my bum before it gets bigger! Anyway, I’m going back to sydney on the 14th jan. Will you still be in KK until then?

    Happy New Year to you again! I love looking at your pics, you are sooooo talented! So cantik oh!! 😉

  2. anggun3 says:

    hey anne! happy new year to u tooooo! eh u r in KK ka? not sydney??
    bahhhh…lets go outttttt! it’s been years since we last met!

    hehehe thanks, and keep on looking at the pic 🙂 woohoooo

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