Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

We’ve come to the end of the year again, and anticipating to enter the new year of 2009. So, what’s you accomplishment this year? what have you archived and what’s not? For me, I have archived half of the the new year resolution & another half, still continue struggling to achieve it. Let’s list down my accomplishment for 2008:

(Refer to my New Year Resolution (31/12/2007) post)

List of things I hope that I can achieve in 2008:

1. To be a braver person

2. Discover my potential; job-wise, talent-wise etc

3. Trying to be extrovert ( OK, now i sound

4. Try to have more fun with friends

5. Save! save & save!



1. Yep, I am a braver person than before now. I can drive all the way to the north & south by myself. I can try to fit in the the group of people I never thought would be as fun as dull as they look. ha,ha. 

2. I am still discovering my potential etc.  But the question now.. which road I want to take..? 

3. Erk. I’m extrovert now than before I started working. So, fine 🙂 I’m happy with it. woooohooo.

4. Indeed! I had a blast in a large group outing as well as spending time with a couple of close friends. yep.

5. Erk… not yet achieve this as all I’m doing this year is to spend, spend & spend. lol. Shall carry this resolution to next year. bluek!


What do I want to achieve in 2009? 🙂 

1. Have more (and more) fun! Trip to Fiji with bestie perhaps? 🙂

2. Enroll into MTech programme. yep! 🙂

3. Register myself as assistant consultant;

4. Appreciation of nature & knowledge;

5. To be very serious in photography (Photography is crucial in scientist daily life, as well as tree-huggers). Yeah, I’m taking at least 200 photos for my field work;

6. My own crib (with the illustrated interior & finishings from the previous post mentioned) in Tropicana/Dsara/Mutiara/anywhere nearby the campus;

7. Start back on my work-out regime! erk.. this include polishing tennis skills, start to jog, muscle build-up, I want to join back Bodyjam (!!), 

8.  (This is crucial) To overcome my hydro-phobic (sounded like I’m some sort of intermolecular forces)


Ok peeps! Got to go back to work! and to plan a New Year dinner tonight 🙂

Have a blast new year! Cheers.

In the mean time, enjoy the random shots.

kl-132Wedding reception at Kg. Changkat, Gombak

kl-009One of my favourite xmas mall decor – The Gardens

kl-013I just love the bridge shot!

kl-3561Xmas plastic bottle chandelier decor at Bangsar Village II

kl-056Different exposure from the bulb – Midvalley Megamall


My first attempt to control the shutter speed to create an impression of motion i.e. cars

img_5730Newlywed photoshoot at Melinsung Bay

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