Life is a shit when …

1. You have workout so hard for three-quarter of the year to get flat tummy, decent curve and less body-fat percentage and you lose all that in one festive season;

2. Your life depends on your computer and when your hdd corrupted, you’d feel that part of your life has been wiped off;

3. Drinking coffee leads to caffeine addiction, dehydration, withdrawal if not enough doses/day, heaty body etc;

4. Your EIA report got rejected in your face because you are just following order (no point arguing if I’m not the final decision-maker, bluek);

5. Sick and tired of certain people that never satisfied with what I’m doing, critic on every little thing I do and making me feels like I’m not fit in the clan;

6. Too much expectation to follow the norm when they know i am NOT normal ( in the sense that I’m trying not to be a stereotype;

7. You have friend that trying to use you for their own personal gain, some people won’t change, sigh;

8. Technical people get lousy pays when others get twice/trice the pay and all they have to do is to look pretty, talk shit & influence people;

9. All my photos, mp3 playlist, e-books, video collection, powerful application gone with the wind;

10. Went to KL hoping to get a whole new wardrobe for 2009 and all i bought for myself was a purple blouse and a black knee-length high-waisted skirt for work (I will definitely look sexy in these, damn you engineers & architects! You will be sorry for bullying me in 2008)

Life will get better when …

1. I get a Time Capsule of 1TB storage with airport express function to backup my important files;

2. To get that Burberry Brit sheer perfume. I have finally bought the Blush as a xmas gift for myself (How pathetic, but what the hell- as long as I’m happy.. so);

3. I want that Marc Jacob tote with 50% off I saw at pavilion and that Burberry’s (pukima punya salesman, tingu orang masuk nda macam datin or a yuppie kau fikir sia tiada duit ka mau beli?);

4. To enroll to MTech programme (amen);

5. I get more invitation to shoot at the wedding (yep, freelance photographer, I cover 3 weddings this month. Another one tomorrow. Call me, sia charge murah seja);

6. To have a  wierdo-hot-genius-scientist as a boyfriend i.e. Manabu Yukawa in Galileo ;

7. To get back to my workout regime. I feel so weak doing nothing and not pumping adrenaline;

8. To get more field-work to my work. bluergh.. sick & tired sitting the whole day in the office;

9.  To own a new lens for my baby; a filter and a speedlite flash

10. To own my own studio in KL fully furnished with ikea furniture and a humble car to move around (Anything would be alright as long as I can speed up to 130-140 km/h tanpa rasa tu steering bergagar & tayar tercabut, bluek)

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  1. Sally Bee says:

    Hahah… it really cracks me to read the 3rd item under “Life will get better when..” probably wrong dress code/too low key to step into such luxury boutique..

    Well, at least you don’t have to work on Awal Muharram… (Damn this chinaman company!)

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahah nah… inappropriate dress code shouldn’t be a problem. They are still a sales-person and a shabby looking customer is STILL a customer. No reason to look down on people. 🙂

    Im working too today. wedding photoshoot at Melinsung beach and wedding reception. ah. sun-burnt. will put up the photos here once I get back my macbook.

    Stay tune! 🙂

  3. hanna tan says:

    hows your trip to KL?

    oh ya..pigi mati sama itu salesman..itu la belajar ndak tinggi keja salesman ja..bodo punya org..

  4. anggun3 says:

    Trip was fun! taken more than a thousand shots of xmas decor & the wedding reception! 🙂 pictures will be up sooon once i get my macbook back (punya lama those techno-guy sana 1Borneo replace my HDD, walaweh).

    Ya this kind of boutique, their salesperson some memang polite gila but some memang snobbish mau mampus. Luckily the lady-guy at Dior sgt friendly- or else memang se memaki hamun tahap dewa semua salesperson di sini. hahahahaha

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