I feel so hopeless today because of 2 reasons:

1. I was given task to buy baby gift for enfamama & just realized that I forgot (I mean, totally forgot about it) and only remember it when I’m in the shower. i dragged my parents to come with me; I feel totally hopeless in buying baby products. Yep, I don’t even have that maternal instinct and wtf I’m going to spend time thinking about these kind of products, right?

2. Since my dad driving this evening, I have to sit at the rear seat in which; my mom said to buckle up (Enforcement started on the 1st of January). erk. punyalah buruk.

At first, I wanted to go to buy gift at Mothercare, KK Times Square but then this is Sabah. I forgot. Everything closed on sunday after 2pm. WTF.

So end up buying gift at the northeast side of the Mothercare (U guys figure it out). And again, I’m not too satisfied with the products wrapped in the hamper so I told my mom I want to choose the item personally. In which ended up, my mom have to choose it for me as I don’t know all these thing (read: I don’t give a damn knowing all  these). Come on. I’m not too fond with babies. Yep, they are cute and all but I just don’t have that maternal instinct yet. 

From the baby gift outing, I found one product that really intrigue me to google it. ha,ha. It’s the Pigeon Newborn Starter Kit. The kit consist of :

a) Silicon Pacifier with Hood;

b) Wide Neck Feeding Bottles 200ml;

c) Wide Nick Feeding Bottles 300ml;

d) Bottle and Nipple Brush;

e) Milk Powder Container (Revolving). 

But what astonished me is the nipple able to change in shape in accordance to baby  with the power baby sucking strength via baby tongue . Somehow that exercise will affect the growth of facial skeletal structure (wtf?).

and the nipple? It is called Peristaltic nipples. 

Using unique technology, the Peristaltic Nipple combines ultra-soft silicone and a special expandable section in the teat that allows the Peristaltic Nipple to stretch just like a mother’s nipple. Peristaltic Nipple features: Super Stretchable Nipple: The teat has an expandable section designed to stretch in response to the natural peristaltic movement of a baby’s tongue Ultra-soft Silicone: In combination with the expandable section stretches just like a mother’s nipple Round Contoured Shape: Supports and moulds to baby’s mouth for a perfect fit Ventilation Valve: Minimises air intake and reduces colic Ribbed Inside: Prevents teat collapse, providing a constant and steady flow of liquid Peristaltic Nipples come in 2 sizes: S – slow flow for babies aged between 0 and 3 months and Y – for a variable flow for older babies. Both nipples fit both sized pigeon bottles


Like I said, I’m astonished with these kind of baby-technology.

It’s all greek to me.

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  1. Sally Bee says:

    heheh.. TOTALLY get you, darlin… my maternal instinct only came to light when I got pregnant 2 years ago..
    it’s been a month since now I’ve arrived in KK (and left KL which i miss so dearly)… yeah, me & hubby had a lot of those “wtf” moments here as well.. but we thank God for simple things like not having those “kiasu-kiasi” people that you will find practically EVERYWHERE in KL.. :p
    thank God for your blog, that keeps me awake especially after having the heavenly rojak mee at Lintas i had for lunch.. hehe.. i’m so hooked to your blog… :p

  2. anggun3 says:

    haha that’s a last minute rush of maternal instinct. Hope u coped well that time 🙂
    hehe so how’s life so far in KK? It will take a while to adjust to the pace here & yes, thank god no kiasu people here in KK.
    well glad to know my blog keeps u awake. lol. keep on reading! 🙂 nice to know someone that keep track of what I’m writing here though most of the time… junk & some blabber/bitching about things. LOL.
    Btw, Sally do u have blog of your own? seems that u r registered with wordpress but no url to direct to yr site, if any. 🙂

  3. Sally Bee says:

    well, Ida.. the company i worked for have a very strict policy on internet access.. though i’m thankful that i’m one of those priviliged ones that was given the access, sites like facebook & friendster is being blocked!! uwaaa.. well, looking at the bright side, excessive indulgence to these sites will surely risking myself to not getting work done around the office!! so the only exciting that keeps me sane here is your interesting blog.. heheh..
    yeah, i’ve registered myself with wordpress and have been wanting to start blogging once i returned here, kind of like documenting my journey of returning to my homestate after working so many years in KL and also the re-discovering Sabah etc.. thought it could be something that i can share with my friends.. but i’ve yet to get hooked up to internet connection from home considering that it’s just inappropriate to work on my blog from office.. oh well, hope to get into that REAL soon.. hihihi..

    p/s i finally spot the place called “LEE SHENG” which you featured couple of months ago when i was on my way to work this morning..!! see how i can relate to your blog?? heheh..

  4. anggun3 says:

    hahaha well its good to block those networking site in the office. it is really addictive! it does affect my work most of the time. hahahaha! but blocking it would deprive the mood in the office. oh well..
    hahah well if u hv already settled with the connection & all, gimmie yr url so i can add u to my blogroll & read yr updates on everyday life in KK! kk can b very boring sometime, I’m running out of idea what to do here, where to do etc. so.. hahaha.

    U should go to jeff d’corner/lee sheng on weekend & try out their bbq lamb! 🙂 wooooh. i guess u hv too much of ida doses now. hahahhaha
    keep on reading 🙂

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