Gurney Plaza spree

I just came back from Gurney Plaza. Boy i tell you, it was a very fruitful shopping spree. mwhahaha! Yep, shopping again. I supposed to get shoes for the hiking because my black Nike Moire way toooooo nice to put on for the hike. I didn’t get any shoes though.  However, I bought a new fitness yoga pants and a yellow dry fit tee for the hiking! ekekeke. 

I managed to get a large, huge, zit (ha,ha) of bag to fit in my Daler Rowney A3. Finally, after a week of carrying the block around the campus on my bare hand, a got a bag to fit all my stuff. I managed to get a Roxy membership from the purchase too. My dream bikini was on display with the same price tag (sigh).

I get a 50% off for black harlem pants from MNG. wooohooo! I know it a bit outta date but I don’t care. I’m going to wear it to class! 

My greatest purchase goes to the factory outlet where I get a super cheapo jeans & khakis, very cute graphical tee and a victoria secret’s (VS) baby tee. I soooo going there again tomorrow to buy more VS tees! Yep. 

I managed to get a pink burberry’s check alice band. Inspired. It is so going to match with my burberry brit sheer. keh.keh. 

Thinking of buying my second pair of Gisele’s ipanema. It is soooo comfy that I am wearing it everyday to class. But, Aldo is on sale up to 70%. I can see those flat gladiators & ballet flat on sale too. hmmm. 

Gurney always been my favourite place in Penang. Queensbay second (due to F21 located there).

Everything is on SALE! OMG.

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