Fitbit Flex & Garmin Fenix 2

I am not a tech/gadget blogger. I know there are thousand more review/video out there that provide an in-depth review of gadget. I am, simply not.

I do, excel in blogging about myself, and i’ll stay on that.

On my recent visit to Singapore, on my way back to KL, in Changi Airport, i came across a pedometer that is not available in Malaysia market. Being spontaneous myself, i bought it the moment i put my hands on it.

It’s fitbit flex in black

I love the simplicity of the iphone app, and it’s sync perfectly via bluetooth. This is during my Score Run 2014. 15km.

A pedometer barely 20days on my wrist, but i have a higher target. A GPS watch. I’ve been doing some reading & research for months.. and almost gotten a Suunto Ambit 2 but didn’t.

I finally torn between Fenix 2 & Tactix.

This is during themarathonshop sale at 3 two square, during MARDI-Maeps trail run 2014 race pack collection.

I am the mad girl going up & down the sale booth. I mean, table. and asking wierd question.

After lunch next door from the Brooks store, i made up my mind & get the Fenix 2.

Its the super powerful GPS watch, with military featuresss. and a heart rate monitor.

I got a free cap & towels from Garmin too.

Charging the watch with easy & very secure charging clip

Look how secure it clip during charging

Heart rate strap & other accesories

there’s this cool function where the watch tell you the time of sun/moon rise/set.

The coolest feature that is not heavily advertise to this item, is the jumpmaster function. Its mainly for military function or special op where they want to jump from the airplane, or parachuting. Or whatever mambo jumbo terms for that. and its included in this so-called fitness/multisport watch.

The onlyy difference between Fenix 2 & the Tactix is backlight. The Tactix backlight is compatible with NVG’s and as an Intensive Care Paramedic on a SAR helicopter, this is vital.

Red light is absolutely the worst colour when viewed through NVG’s. In fact, we can only have green light sources in the cabin.

Anyway, this is the most powerful multisport/GPS watch, period.

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