iDa to do list!

To do list:

1. Get a haircut! seriously, I need one. I need to find good stylist in KK. anyone? help?

2. Courage to drive. (I kinda have the competence license but still need the courage to drive alone. hah!)

3. Get a job. I need something to do; reason to wake up in the morning. or else i’ll wake up at 10 am. rofl.

4. Get back to my workout regime. wait a minute! do i have one? LOL. i DO! I need to find people to play tennis here, in KK.

5. stop shopping & start saving! I forked out more money for my CK lingerie today. ah! Lingerie are too irresistable! :p

6. I need to put a stop on my phobia & start learning to dive. So I can go to islands with Jessie for diving-holiday! 🙂

7. Take yoga + pillates

8. Reduce my intake of caffeine + more H2O

9. Start saving for holiday trips. soon! 🙂

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