Xmas blues!

It’s been ages since i write something here. I just can’t find time to relax & type out what’s been happening to me for the past few days.

I will catch up on the happenings later; depending on my mood to write about it but this post is all about xmas. 🙂 so, be merry! celebrate! have fun!

I have been reminising what I did during xmas eve 4 years ago. It was one of my cherished moment in my life & I will never ever forget it 🙂 (sob,s0b).

The fact that I only know the details which I won’t share it with everyone here because; I want to keep it for myself 🙂

‘Es mi primera fecha de la cena, primer beso y la primera caída en el amor.

I se enamora de un hombre con un buen corazón.
Víspera de navidad, cena, zumo espumoso, cordero, pavo, el fuego distintivo, con hermosas vistas de balcón en el sheraton.
Es uno de los amantes de momento en mi vida y estoy agradecido de haber cumplido tan buen amigo y amante.
I estoy tan agradecida a Dios por todo. Amén.’

and yet, I can’t stop crying because I still able to remember that night, crystal clear. I have met the most beautiful soul god ever created 🙂
Note: song that suits the mood;

Thank god I found you- Mariah Carey & 98 degrees.

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