Weekend ramblings

Finally, after 3 weeks of boredom (thanks to me being a lazy bum) I painted the town red! Literally.

Prior to that, kart came to the house to send some goodies she bought for me and Ren. Thanks Kart for the unicorn! 🙂 I’ll pass it to Ren when I see her. He.he.

Anyway, had a Big mac moment with Jessie at Api-Api’s. Decided to hit the Api-Api outlet instead of the usuals as I hunched that it would be crowded with people (saturday yo!). We went back to the mall to check out some shoes as I am in desperate need of one or two pairs. Ha.ha. End up buying 2; one black 1-inch wedge with black strap & a white 2-inches sling back from another store. Well, those two are the nicest among all & meet the criteria I wanted; comfy, plain-nice & presentable for work. 🙂

One day, maybe my trip to Manila or when I go back to KL for a round of shopping, I’m hoping that I could get hold of those yummy handbags & Shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. I always have this mental image of me in Armani suit & Ferragamo leather. Yummy. Ha.ha.

Yeah, i know I’m being materialistic. Well hey, everyone are! So don’t be so naive & said, no- I’m selfless creature living in this world trying do goods to everyone. Everything is made up of matter. So you are saying you are not one? So what are you? Angel? LOL.

I am online window shopping again now & I come across Ferragamo’s Marisa shoulder bag. It looks normal but i LOVE it. I want, I want!

Marisa shoulder bag

nyway, another reason Im going out today is to find another set of work-attire. I can’t seem to get the ONE. Ahhh.. how I wish I’m in KL right now! I will march to Raoul or Zara and buy their set of pinstripe suits & heaps of cotton long-sleeve shirts. Ahh! and perhaps I can drop by Godiva outlet & get myself a Godiva Belgian Blended. Seems that Pavilion has everything to offer for me because everything I want is THERE! Largest Forever 21 outlet in Malaysia (as compared to the one in 1Utama), Ferragamo, Marc Jacob, J.Co, Zara & even NICER GSC cinema. Of did I mention I went to watch movie there with the Singaporean guy & we really enjoyed the comfort of GOOD hospitality from the staff, COMFY seat but too bad, we watched sucky movie. So, yeah.

So my point here is, KK is the lousiest place to shop! Of course you can get good bargain here but most of the shop selling honk-y clothes. Not that I’m against Honk-y style or anything but I appreciate good quality stuff & craftmanship. I don’t mind paying hefty price for a bag or clothes as long as it is durable & one of the kind

Oh, and FINALLY! I managed to get a high-waisted skirt for a cheaper price than the one I saw in Warehouse, Bangsar Village 2. That one cost about 50 pounds? gosh! I got mine for less than a 100RM! 🙂

High-waisted skirt

So now I’m a proud owner of high-waisted skirt! I can be the next Sarah Jessica Parker! Hahahahaha! Dream on.

Jessie & I went to the nearest Starbucks for a break from shopping frenzy. When we walked in to the outlet, I saw one HOT indian/multiracial guy with a laptop sitting alone outside. I saw him checking me out! and he saw me checking him out too! hahahha. He’s a total HOTTIE. 🙂

6 Comments Add yours

  1. deliriousdreamz says:

    hey sweetie, where did u get the high waisted skirt?mind to tell 😉

  2. anggun3 says:

    oh hey, i bought it from mango! 🙂

  3. Juni says:

    hey you’re kinda cute, you got msn ? i am a brown/desi guy 😉 you might like me hehe

  4. anggun3 says:

    hahaha yeah im using msn. gimmie yr email add 😛

  5. Allure says:

    I was googling for high waisted skirt and saw your blog.
    Nice nice skirt!

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