It’s 6 pm and I just got back home from a first day of working this week. LOL.Ah! Finally, I’m driving to work alone & managed to drive myself back safe and sound even though rain start pouring out when I’m just still around the office compound.It took me 15 minutes to commute to the office in the morning & 20 minutes back home in the evening due to the traffic.  But hey! I’m not complaining. Soon I’ll use another road to go back home instead of just taking the same road. Perhaps later on, when the weather looks fine & I can see road clearly. Ha.ha.

Anyway, seems that I am stuck in what I’m doing right now. I shall report in to the boss & update her on what I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks but she seems to be busy doing another project due to another project being sent a STOP letter from the department. So, yeah. I’ll definitely approach her tomorrow then. 🙂 

Nothing much happening since my last update except that KK’s been raining ALMOST everyday. sigh. I’m stuck at home during the weekend as well. So my shopping trip & catching up with friends will be shifted to this weekend then 🙂

Oh, and I need to check out gym near to the office too. Well, will go there with Jessie some time soon then. Anyhow, I’m not in the mood on discussing the latest topic i.e. election etc due to my mind being occupied with my quarry project. So, don’t  expect controversial post from me in the near future. Perhaps when I’m so free or something I want to spill out desperately, then I’ll write.

Till then. 🙂 

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