Thank you note

This is seriously painful than breaking up with a guy. Like I said so many times in my twitter, I hate saying goodbye. As of today, I am officially resigned from the company. It’s been like a year and a half & I cherish every moment & experience I get from the organization. I started my working life as Environmental Executive in one of the firm here with zero working experience & nope, I skipped the internship thingy when I was an undergraduate. So I am practically green in the working life. As of you, my avid reader, I have blog about my encountered problem in transition between student and working life. But I have survived. I gain lots of experience. I encountered problem meeting deadline, handling and dealing with tough clients & other consultant/associate, overcome my fear of presentation ( I presented up to Putrajaya level yo! :P) and so on.  I had fun, overall. 

But the most important thing that I will be terribly missed is my colleagues. We seen each other, sometime for almost everyday, 7 days a week (including weekend island gateway, drinks, over-time or simply going out hu-ha-hing). The pseudo-company Nickolas & Rakan-Rakan created by bunch of EIA division is totally disbanded. That’s sad.  The joke created when the 3 of us, getting a new room meant for the division. LOL. 

Lotsa other memories that I totally cherish. For the seniors, thank you so much for all the guidance & etc. I totally appreciated all the advice and help gotten from ya all. For the newcomers, I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. Learn as much as you can from the experience and you will do fine in the working life. 

I’ve inform some of the clients on my departure & inform the respective executives that will carry on with the Project. Some email funny & yet, warm good luck wish email to me. Thank you to all that wish me luck. 🙂

As for me, I am sad to leave the career I used to have goal and aim but, at the same time I am excited in what the future might brings me. I ain’t deviated from the environmental field, it is just that I’m narrowing down myself to more specific field in environment. Landscape architecture is practically the most modern of the environment profession that combine science, design and technical philosophies in one holistic goal, to make human environment, the concrete jungle a better place to live. It also involve in urban planning and some other site remediation. So, there! I am not totally changing my career path. 🙂 

My first semester as Master student, I am required to learn back all that I have learnt in the university i.e. botany, basic ecology, GIS application and even EIA. So, there is nothing to lose! My tiny bit of working experience will definitely not gone into waste. I try to get a project-basis EIA work with the professor in the university. *wishful thinking*

i spent the last few hours of my working life today by attending meeting for the Study. Ha.ha. I so love one of the technical committee member. dang cute ( as in the character, not physical whatsoever) and funny. ommo. Look so not serious but gave a very technical & constructive comments and suggestions. I salute that! and he brought badminton racquet to the meeting. that IS cute! 🙂

Ok I better start packing now. Will blog again when I’m in Penang.

To the rest of the reader, thank you for reading this. I will continue blogging about my life back as a student when I’m in Penang. So keep on reading & do not hesitate to leave a constructive and/or destructive comments here. I welcome all! 🙂 

Till then, KK-ian, enjoy your life here. I didn’t expect that I will enjoy KK life. I was so reluctant to move back to KK as I prefer KL but hey, I love my hometown so much & I am so going to miss KK. 🙂 

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  1. Anne Juan says:

    Hello Ida!!!! All the best to you! Send you a big warm HUG from Sydney *Hug* You will do very well. Take care and keep in touch okie. Rmmbr to update ppl like me here. Hehe. God bless you! 😉

  2. anggun3 says:

    hey anne! yep thank youuu *hugs tooo* I hope I can get used to the student life back. he,he. Need to work hard this time. 🙂
    I will definitely update the blog on what’s happening from time to time. Maybe I can blog more on the Penang food too? So you all can drool over it? 😛 ekekekke

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