Bittersweet ending?

It hurts so much that my heart ache.

Why is it happening this way? I am coming close to what I have dream of but I am being melancholy about it. Where is the enthusiastic iDa?

I don’t fancy goodbyes. I hate farewell.

But what is there left if i stay? I will suffer more, will I? 

I will be in the waiting-mode. Wondering what & why. I hate to say, ‘I should have done this’ in the future. But at the same time, I hate to  say ‘I hate myself for losing this’.

Only if the said doesn’t appear in my life. But at the same time, I cherished the tad moments invested for the past few months.

Argh. life is unfair. How am I going to go around about it? I want both. I am greedy. I want both.

I’ve been wishful thinking of both but why does it has to come at the same time? 

I hate to choose. 

So I am wishing/praying hard that both will come to me. The one I leave behind will find/come to me when I’m pursuing the other. amen.

On the other note, the official Project/Study hand-over will be at 3 pm today. I am still trying to draft additional information letter for one of my EIA project. heh. So much of being too dedicative aye?

Today would be my last day visit to Core Fitness too. Ah I am soooooo going to miss everyone there! *cries*

… and I have yet to pack my stuff to Penang. Blame it on procrastination habit I pick up from here. ha,ha.

p/s : Remember what I said to the great one before moving back to KK? I said, good night. Not good bye.

This time, I neither said good-bye nor good night. hmmm.

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