I was doing alright


Ah. Just as my facebook status update: I think my biological clock gone haywire.  It’s wierd. I used to wake up late when I was back in KK but here, I wake up even before then sun rise! Ha,ha. I am still confused on when the sun rise n when the sun set. I can adjust myself pretty quickly when I was in KL as the time different only an hour, but it Penang it is more than 1 hour. 

I was sweating like a dog hitting balls at the tennis court when it’s already 5.30 pm. I feel that it is still like 4.00 pm in KK. Imagine how hot is the sun is at 4 pm in KK. So my timing is out. Need to rectify it, pronto.

Class-wise etc, I am very punctual.  All my classes start at 10 am (woohoo!) and my studio classes start at 9 am. Most of the time, I’ll be the first (or second) person to come to the class/studio. Somehow design class always an alien to me & most of the time I am pressuring myself. I should have just let go, letting the new knowledge flows in and noted the essence of it.  ahh.

But I am glad I learn back all the familiar topic that doesn’t sound too alien. In fact, most of the time I am helping the lecturer to recall back the scientific term and adding a lil’ fun fact to be shared with the rest of the class. Ah. Yep, botany class is fun! I am going to learn back what I have learnt before in UM especially on plant identification, systematic taxonomy (yikes… this is the subject I am trying to avoid & I can’t run away from it again at this level, I am screwed), ecophysiology etc. Both Ecology and Botany will be taught by lecturer/professor from School of Biology. ah.. I am happy 🙂

Ecology will be taught in the Ecohub.  It is one of the so-called only eco-hub in this region.  The place is also called as Durian Valley. They are trying to bring back the campus it’s natural environment (orang kampung settlement) way back in the 1800 (or was it 1900?). Can’t remember, I was daydreaming when the professor talking about it in front. ha,ha. There will be another trip (or I rather called it expedition -dang! to Belum rainforest! ahh I loikeeee! )

There will be a theory & philosophy of landscape design tomorrow. I shall read about the greece, roman empire and the renaissance landscape and civilization so I would have a rough idea on what the lecturer going to blabber in front. keh.keh.

Apart from that, this thursday, we’re going to have out first surveying field. I need to prepare myself to know about how to do surveying & most importantly on how to calculate cut & fill volume.  Before this, to obtain the cut & fill volume for the Project, I only need to call up the CS engineer and/or the QS to obtain the cubic metre but now, I have to calculate it myself. aish. But I can’t wait to play around with theodolite. hahahahah. That going to be fun! 😛 

DO you know that Penang has it’s own department called PenGIS, it seems that the whole state has been digitized in their GIS database.  The lecturer used to work for the said department.  Chat with him of the difference in getting a cadastral map in Sabah as compared to other states in Malaysia.  I had fun digitizing some cadastral map in ArcView too. Oh NF, I have the converter extension for cassini-RSO and MRT-RSO, but I am not sure whether it is MRSO or BRSO, or both can be used for Malaysia.  Hmm I have to get back to the lecturer & ask.  I just realized that I know heaps on the function and how to use the ArcView but when I try playing around with the ArcGIS program, I get a headache.  The program is so powerful until I don’t know the function for each icon.  Dang. Got to play around more with the program to familiar myself with it. (noted).

Yesterday, the whole landscape clan hiked up to Bukit Jambul in the morning. I rather say, it is quite steep for a recreational hiking. and guess what? There are one public gym on top of the hill. LOL> Funny I tell ya, and the equipments are all quite, old. But it does serve the purpose. *two thumbs up*

We’re going to have a trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia this October. woohoo! Bangkok trip next year, Dr? 


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