Amendment. Revolution.

Hello. I was in a dire depression last weekend, even though am smiling and acting happy from the outside. I found out that, I was replaced for who I am, and am freaking mad. Last year, around the same weekend, I was in Penang for wedding. And… I don’t know what to write. I was beyond anything that I can spill anything here. I am speechless, numb, and.. explode? No, not worth my time, and effort. I cried. Endlessly. I curse myself for being too smart, and just a few click away, I know who, what, where, when and why. Am such a fucking smart to know everything without being a freak, or being a busybody.

For that matter, I want to change my 2015 resolution no. 3 to : Hope? I am always going to be here.

You arse. I’ll be flying high in life, and you can’t catch up with me. Trust me.

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