Botanica + Co, Bangsar South

We finally check out the restaurant with 2 ficus tree in the centre of the outlet, and we decided to have lunch for christmas. It took us about 40 minutes to get a table (hey, it’s christmas lunch, and everyone is eating out). But we were willing to wait since we got nothing else to do afterwards.

Finally we get a table in the middle of everything. Haha. I ordered halibut and the refreshing mojito, and my friend ordered the Botanica’s burger and ice lemon tea.

The halibut and I. Huge portion, I can only managed to finish one piece of the fish.

Picture with our lunch. Am using go pro to take this shot. Wasn’t as sharp as it supposed to be, go pro is excellent in bright sunlight/outdoor.

Botanica’s burger. Another huge portion, and look at those fries. Gosh.

And then we ordered the christmas dessert special, the black forest pavlova.

Another shot of the pavlova. It remind me of the christmas tree. The color and composition is so, merry.

It’s sinfully good. However, it is too sweet for our liking. I prefer Alexis’ pavlova. It was JUST NICE. For everything.

Anyway, ambience was perfect from the eye of landscape architect. It is just, a lil bit sore to see the ficus to be top-cut. Anyway, there should be roof open to the sky for the tree to grow, even though ficus can grow in semi-shade.

I would love to have more choices for the menu, drinks was okay. But then again, am asking too much aye?

Botanica + Co is located at the GF, The Vertical, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

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