A blogger

I have always been a blogger. I love to write, i substitute diary with blog. I keep it public so that everyone can read it. I have been writing here for more than 10 years now, but somehow i slow down. Lifestyle, shift of priorities and work would be my reason for that. Somehow am getting lazier to keep up with this and instagram is my quick fix. Seriously,  not a good move as a blogger. 

I made a pact that i will not commercialize this website, but then again, a lot of people read this as a reference to food-hunting, running events, travel tips and places to go, or just simply stalking me and wondering what is up with me. But maybe, i need to change that concept. 

Maybe i, should open up to paid review. Product endorsement, or even event reviewer since economy is not getting better. I am open for option to diversity my income. 

Let me know if anyone interested. You can comment it here or email to anggun3 at gmail dot com. 

I can do food review, or covering an event with photos. I am equipped with iphone 7, gopro & dslr. I am competent with creative suites (photoshop, lightroom etc) due my nature of professional job. 

So, yeah. Holler me. 

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