iPhone is finally in Malaysia! New iPod Shuffle!


Yes! iPhone is finally arrived in Malaysia ‘legally’!! wooohooooooo!

It’s time for me to join maxis family. wooot wooot! I’m still reviewing the Maxis rate plan, you can visit it here for the rate plan and booking! 

Place your booking now before 17 March to get invited into the official launching! 


Hmmmmmmmmm……. well errr, the rate plan look similar like any other telco provider around Asia. So, yeah.

I’m still thinking of getting it or not. Am i over iPhone already or not?

I mean, I’ve been toying around with iPhone 2G & 3G (my cousie bought 2 set from NZ) for sometime now. I know iPhone inside & out. Do i need to own one to satisfy my lust?  🙂


Rate Plan Analysis

I can see the pattern between the 12 month, 24 and  6 months of iPhone. Lets just discuss on 8GB rate plan. The cheapest monthly commitment among all plan.

As total, the value of iPhone 3G (8GB) for 12 month will cost you about RM2.1k, 24 month will cost you about 1.91k and 6 month will cost about 3.04k. This is how I see it : Cost of iPhone 3G + advance payment = iPhone price offered.

The parallel import of iPhone 3G in Malaysia cost about Rm 3k-ish, depending on your location.  I personally believe that it is worth taking the 24 month contract if if you weigh the cost of iPhone 3G.

But, iPhone 3G supposingly to cost ONLY 199USD, which is roughly about 731.572 MYR (1USD = 3.67 MYR), plus shipment, yada yada and in total it should be 1k MYR. I’ll pay cash if they are selling iPhone for 1k MYR, I’m dang serious!

So, if you are taking the 24 month plan, it means that, the charge 900 MYR for each set for the exclusivity to get partnering with Apple and to sell iPhone 3G in Malaysia.

Any comment?

I have not yet discuss on the rate plan! The worth plan, 24 month contract? OMG. It’s 2 years people! lets say, you subscribe to 100/month for 8GB, 24 month contract. It means you are tied up with the telco for 2400MYR over 2 years!

Moreover, iPhone 3G has been in the market for quite sometime now – middle of 2008. I know the spec better, whats good and whatsnot! Macrumors stated that the newer, better, improvised iPhone will be released somewhere around June/July this year (iPhone Nano perhaps? Not sure, but macrumors always spread/leak truthful info on the Apple products), so why not wait?

Oh come on, please browse my blog for whats good and whatsnot on the current model.

So, ask yourself my dear reader, is it worth the plan offered by dear Malaysia telco for Malaysian to own an iPhone 3G?

*shrugs* (run to Maxis store in Damai)

hahahahhahahhahha! I kid you lah! :p I’m still in the office, discussing with gadget freak-o on the worthy on the plan.

It is deja vu.  Something similar to Philippines telco offering the contract-based plan.

Except their plan, you can choose to either subscribe to postpaid or stick to prepaid. and again, commitment weigh the value of iPhone 3G.

Some other iPhone-freak-Malaysian-bloggers stated bluntly in their blog that it is not worth getting the iPhone over telco M but then again, it’s your choice to weigh the value according to your own commitment/enthusiasm towards the gadget.

Afterall, I’m paying more than it cost for all the Apple products i own. But mostly, it is top-of-the-line technology. iPhone is still in preliminary stage & gradually improving its spec. So, as for me, I rather wait.

I’ve come accoss the comparison (in spreadsheet) on the aforementioned plan. Credit to Mr Charles for link it to his blog.

Case study: I waited until the 5th/6th generation of iPod before getting one. By then, the spec improved, the design becoming sleeker, storage becoming bigger. 🙂

p/s: I checked iPhone official website, and Malaysia not in the list yet? What’s that mean? Buying from somebody else & not direct from Apple? Very questionable. 🙂 oh please, telco M, clarify with me! 


The New iPod Shuffle!

I can’t help but to scrutinize the NEW sleek design of iPod Shuffle. 

It can’t be helped! But the new shuffle looks like tampon. MWHAHAHAHAHA

shuffle ipod

(photo credit: http://www.apple.com)


You can just stick it right up! OMG. I’m so MEAN. 😛

Have a nice day y’all! 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Memaz says:

    Hi Ida,
    for the advance payment, Maxis will refund it. So, the 8g iPhone still RM1900

  2. anggun3 says:

    heyy memaz!
    if max refund it the advance payment, the 8g should be 1.5k isnt it?

  3. TT says:

    Nice entry and it got me salivating!

    Tampon-ish or not, I’ve unashamedly decided it’ll be the perfect companion to my gym workouts.

    Do you know if it’s available in the retail stores yet in KL, or you just have to order it online?


  4. anggun3 says:

    hahaha yes indeed. sleek design. By the look in Machines website, you can buy it from their store for 309RM. I’m not in KL so I’m not sure whether the they have received their first batch of stock but you can call em up. It is available in KK already though 🙂
    and you can buy the iPhone from any Apple reseller store in Malaysia too. *grin*

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