iPanema craze

I developed an ipanema obsession. I wish someday I’ll visit Ipanema beach in Rio. I can’t stop listening to ipanema song for months now. And today I bought an ipanema flip-flop.

I’ve been eyeing on the flip-flop since 2007 but didn’t get a chance to own it. And now I’m back in KK- owning a good flip-flop is a must (at least, that’s what I thought). 😛

Bought the new Gisele’s seed collection’s Life in white/gold. I absolutely lovin’ it. Two words best describe the flip-flop: GORGEOUS and COMFY.

gisele ipanema

I was torn between the Life & Fern in turquoise flip-flop (Pic below). I love to get em’ both!

Aw.. perhaps, I shall get the turquoise next week? *wink wink*



Aw well, for now.. the flip-flop added to my mobile shoes collection. Yep, I have a whole of ikea box of shoes in my car boot. mwhahaha.

ikea box


yes, (sigh)..shoes, girls.

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