It was a tiring, but am looking forward to workout every tuesday and thursday now. It was a hectic weekend at the south peninsular, i’ll write about it later or never. 

But am looking forward to the workout at Damansara Heights, and today we did the following: 



15 jumping jack

15 squat 

15 mountain climber

15 air squat

250m run

Repeat 3 times. 

Am breathless even during warming up. 

After that, coach F ask us to hang on the pull bar and hold on till 2 person can’t hang to it anymore. The first person to release would get 30 burpees penalty, and second person have to do 20 burpees. The first round i managed to hang till two person can’t hang anymore but the second round, am the first one to release.

So, i did 30 burpees penalty. 

After that, workout of the day. As you called it WOD:

5 burpees

10 sit-up

15 kettleball swing (American swing) 

250m run and/or 250 single skipping 

Its AMRAP. 20 minutes. 

I managed to do 5 sets with 6kg kettleball weight. 
Phew. Goooooood workout. I feel great everytime, after the workout. Drove back home with a happy face.

I made a quick dinner of sauteeing half of chicken breast with 3 ladies fingers and one egg in my skillet pan. I use a spray on olive oil, shezuan pepper, salt, paprika and mixed herbs to taste. 

And am hungry now. I have to tahan, and tahan. 

What made me happy today too is that my Yi arrived. Yeay. Not up to my expectation, but what do you expect when it only cost 375RM as compared to gopro hero session that cost almost 1,800RM. 

 I tried different angle and sort. Still getting used to the idea of stick. 

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