Breaking muscles

I am going to do another big decision/ big move whereby I will let go of my existing commercial gym membership to a smaller closed-community gym. I have been taking more than 30 personal training session and, am few kilos heavier. Yes, I gain muscles, but my fat percentage stays there. I change in diet, I take supplement and am no where near the right track. I was devastated. I can’t fit any of my clothes. It’s such a shameful to put extra effort and money and not getting the result you want. I want to stop throwing my money to that gym, and let me find my own way to achieve my goal.

Yesterday, I went for a trial workout near my house, at Damansara Heights. It’s such a small gym at the community centre of the area. I met Fayzal and he coaches for the beginner class at 11 am. There were only 3 of us in the box. There’s a field and playground nearby. I feel at peace. I feel the area is real, not superficial red color commercial workout place where I always hang out. Mind you,  I have signed up for the existing gym for 2 years and, until now, I have no friends. I made no friend there.

Yesterday was my first day at this gym, and I met Shuq. We did, jumping jack, squat, mountain climber and jump squat of 15 rep respectively, 2 round. Am still okay. After that, we did 1 minute skipping, and every break there’s a penalty of 5 burpees. I managed to skip without burps until the last 2 sets. Am breaking muscles when the coach give us an instruction to do 150 of 4kg wall ball, karen. I did in 14.48 minutes. I almost swear him in 30 languages.

But I feel fine.I feel it’s good workout, and i made 1 friend. Good game.

I know what I am walking into. And I needed that. I needed a group of people working out together and pushing each other to complete WOD.

I am done personal training, as I don’t see any results than just an empty pocket.

I want to give this a shot. I know I can. I woke up this morning with my thigh sore, shoulder burns, knee pain. I know the workout works as am having delayed onset muscles (DOMs), and my muscles reacted to the workout.

It’s painful, its sore, but I got a feeling this will eventually working out for me.

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