Nothing hurt but my big-P

I’m always the kind of person that talks about high-end technology. Keeping up with the latest tech in town (or not yet arrived in town) and all that. I’ve been blogging on how much i want to put my hands on X1 and iPhone. (i’m still hoping to, one day).

But a week ago, my SE died on me. I mean, totally died; no battery able to bring back life to my s500i unless a total makeover from the sonyericsson service centre. I won’t send it back to the centre as I just replace the lcd & the hinge a month back. The phone reacting back & I won’t spend few hundreds on repairing it. That’s it. 

I surprised myself by sending SE to the service centre in the first place. I never ‘repair’ my phone. If something wrong with the phone, I’ll just throw it away & buy new ones (Yes, I’m that arrogant).

I don’t know what’s wrong with me this time, trying to save my SE life when its already a year of using it (and a high time to change as I never use phone more than a year/or two). 

Ok back to the story. My SE died on me. I literary feel like my soul parting from my body. I can’t live without phone. I mean, I’ve been getting used to connected to the telco’s network since I was 13, and I NEVER switch off my phone (unless I’m flying or in the examination hall) for the past 10 years. So being disconnected from the yellow-man network really depressed me. 

I’m not getting much smses & calls as compared to before but I’m in need on constant connectivity to the world just in case my boss, colleague & even client called for something urgent. Or what happened when my tire puncture in the middle of say, Lintas road & I’m in need of calling someone to help? It is important for me to get connected. 

Lucky being in the family of gadget-conscious, daddy been generous enough to lend his phone to me till i get new ones. The set-back is, he’s not lending his N-series or the Communicator to me. Instead, he let me use his cheapo-phone ‘TVmobile’ made-in-China phone he bought for fun in Dubai. I was like, wtf? 

Ok Ok, I should be grateful because he’s letting me use his phone temporarily till I can sort out my phone problem. 


Fine, this has a tv-function, everything else nothing to be bragged about. Not even an explorer. I can’t even log on to my msn and/or ym mobile.

No all of the aforementioned criteria, fine! I can live without it but the reception really bad ’till I fought with the great one as the great one can’t hear what I’m saying when I’m already shouting trying to get my voice over the silly-lil-thing. The great one said that until I get new phone, the great one won’t call or even talk to me. Fine.

And this super slow acquaintance of mine ( I can’t believe I’m still putting him on trust for iphone hunting in HK) trying to get one for me, and until now ‘ habuk pun tarak’ ( apa punya kawan la wei!). WTF.

So I said to everyone, Fcuk off! I’m buying cheapo phone with NO camera, NO internet browser, NO real tone, NO msn/ym, NO mms, NO multitouch screen, NO QWERTY, No GPS, No google earth application, No bluetooth, No Active Matrix OLED technology, No microSD slot up to 16GB, NO Quad-band, NO HSDPA up to 7.6Mbps, NO EDGE class B, NO WLAN, NO video calling, NO E-mails supported application, NO 5MP with CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss optic, IS, and YES, NO to everything.


and all I got is this.

Oh shuttup! My pride’s hurt.

So f-off! :~(

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