Hello all! I’m currently in transit & still in Malaysia though! Ha,ha. I will be going to Xiamen, China this afternoon until new year. So by then (and hopefully I can penetrate the great firewall of China – Yes, they block everything i.e. social network including facebook, twitter, yada yada and most of the major blog- wordpress, blogspot, etc). Till then, enjoy your very last week of 2009 whenever you are, my dear reader because we all going to rock 2010!!

Ha,ha. Oh btw, did you all read my twit i posted 10 minutes ago (if not yet, please click on the twitter widget on the left of this blog. Gosh. I sat next to cute ( i mean, VERY CUTE) cute chinese guy that made speechless. and he is very gentlemen. Quick check: no ring on the finger, smells like hugo boss cologne, black iphone, bailey’s messenger bag. Hot.Hot.

And there was I, sitting like a midget, I blew my chances. Dang!

Anyway, I was in total euphoria & the first time that I wish the plane keep on flying & flying. Keh.keh.

Oh did i tell you that I’m iPhone 3gs 32gb poorer? oh and it’s damn white I tell you!

hehehe will post it later when i get the chance. My feet still not touching the floor. Ah. He’s damn cute. SO cute that my charming-flirty in flight mode (turn off) by him. sheeeeeeeeeet.

Oh I hope I can blog when I’m in Xiamen. I downloaded some scripting so that my ip address will be twisted & turn and I can access to my wordpress blog and/or other social networking site. I have yet to blog about my progress of 2009 new year resolution & write about the upcoming 2010 resolution. AH. I can feel great things coming up this 2010! 🙂

Oh, I’ll be spending my 2010 new year in China! keh.keh. and it’s winter over there. 😛 Very nice (mild winter) weather. I hope I can stand the weather (and food) and people. ah.

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  1. Ren says:

    Wei diam2 saja travel ke XMN.
    Will look up for pics later. Enjoy yakkkkk…
    Happy 2010 🙂

    1. anggun3 says:

      haha malas mo heboh2 bah. bah happy new year to you too! may 2010 bring more prosperous & better life for u 🙂 cheers

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