I hate this part

i hate this part. I hate this silly feeling creeping inside me, again. argh! I’m leaving Kota Kinabalu again tomorrow. I hate the feeling of wanting to go to the beach especially Tanjung Aru so that I can weep about leaving this beautiful place, again.

argh. I hate this.

I’m dizzy. and I should be packing my stuff for early flight tomorrow. ah. I’m going to miss KK. and the thoughts of KK and many more.

Argh. I hate this.

I hate that i miss you the most. I hate that! dang.

i have to go back to reality. Back to the varsity. Back to struggle and hard work.

May god bless you and the new undertaking. I wish you all the best. See you again, when it meant to be. *wishful thinking*

I. am. sad.

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