I spent my christmas eve by movie/dinner outing with HL & YT. We decided to watch Avatar together at GSC 1Borneo. keh.keh. I love the movie, though the storyline is quite simple, but the special effect & the story concentrate on the mother-nature & the concept of ecosystem, everything is related in any way; the flow of energy – thermodynamic law 1&2, food chain, etc is briefly described throughout the plot. The story also emphasize on destruction of equilibrium ecosystem will lead to other environmental disaster.

Very environmental-centric aye? Yes, I must say. The protection of the land of the ingenious also being emphasize here & the destruction of the area just because of its rich in mineral/energy that lead to feud between the inhabitant and the outsider, just for the sake of economic (bling, bling!)
Which reminds me of the controversial dam construction in west coast Sabah. I shall not describe it in detail here, it’s a sensitive issue & I shall not put my head in due to some circumstances 😛
However, I was reading these affected people (especially those who live there, having land being pass down from their ancestors that soon to be inundated), it’s a sad situation where they have to stand for their right and at the same time, a pressure for energy demand throughout the state. Ah. Pity them.

Back to Avatar, I looooooove the Pandora forest, beautiful! Bioluminescence plants & those hanging mountain? gorgeous!

The movie never fail to play around with my emotion. At some point, the movie made me feel contented with the view of rich biodiversity of Pandora & I was very angry when they are attacking the hometree with machine gun etc. My emotion was in turmoil throughout the movie.

It doesn’t have to be a planet over the rainbow similar to as illustrated in the movie, Pandora. These issue has and still going on even in Sabah. Yes, open your eyes guys! It’s happening here.

It’s a very refreshing alien movie though. Normally, some extraterritorial creatures trying to destroy or taking over the earth from human but this time, it’s the other way around. Human is the alien- sky people trying to invade the planet. ha,ha.

I shall say, this is one of the best movie i watch so far in 2009. ah. Great movie to end the year! 🙂

I’m planning to watch it again before I fly back to Penang. Anyone want to watch it with me?

Btw, I just came back from 1B again, watched Sherlock Holmes with my cousin; very entertaining & humorous movie though.

I give 4 and 3 of out 5 for Avatar & sherlock Holmes respectively.

P/s: I can’t stop singing the Avatar’s I See You by Leona Lewis! Dang! 🙂

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  1. Clement says:

    Yup you are right. Avatar is a good movie to end the year. If you really plan to watch it again, try watching it in 3D. I think it would be nicer although i didn’t manage to watch it in 3D (but i could imagine how beautiful and nice it would be). 🙂

  2. anggun3 says:

    oh yes! I’m planning to watch the movie in 3D next 🙂 Definitely gonna be awesome watching those bioluminescence in 3D

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