Goodbye 2009, hello 2010

Hello all! Blogging from Xiamen China, I managed to penetrate the great firewall of China but only for wordpress, I have yet to get access to twitter & facebook. Oh well.

Coming down to the end of 2009 & I shall say, I had a good run & good struggle in 2009. To list everything would be endless but here are few things that I love to remember in 2009; I have resigned my job & pursuing my masters degree, I had a good dating game back in KK, I have achieve a great-hot-very fit body (and this relevant only prior moving to penang), great 6 years & counting.

Of course there are few things that I wanted to forget and let’s just now get into that now.

Looking in my very last post in 2008 on my 2009 resolution, below are recap on my 2009 resolutions:

1. Have more (and more) fun! Trip to Fiji with bestie perhaps? :)

2. Enroll into MTech programme. yep! :)

3. Register myself as assistant consultant;

4. Appreciation of nature & knowledge;

5. To be very serious in photography (Photography is crucial in scientist daily life, as well as tree-huggers). Yeah, I’m taking at least 200 photos for my field work;

6. My own crib (with the illustrated interior & finishings from the previous post mentioned) in Tropicana/Dsara/Mutiara/anywhere nearby the campus;

7. Start back on my work-out regime! erk.. this include polishing tennis skills, start to jog, muscle build-up, I want to join back Bodyjam (!!),

8.  (This is crucial) To overcome my hydro-phobic (sounded like I’m some sort of intermolecular forces)


1. Ok, maybe not Fiji Island but I’m at Fujian Province in China & I’m enjoying myself every bit here 🙂 check!

2. I am currently a postgrad student majoring in landscape architecture. check!

3. I am a registered assistant consultant! check! 🙂

4. Yes, appreciation of nature & knowledge. I can see nature in different dimension with the same conservation effort & I’m learning things at different angle & persepctive. check!

5. err… yes I’m damn serious in photography. I take moreeeee landscape photos for my studies to capture ideas & I’m getting more & more serious using the post-production program (i.e. adobe photoshop & lightroom 2). So, check!

6. Ha,ha I have not yet achieve this, own crib in PJ/KL area;

7. Yes,yes I am back to my work-out routine, bodyjammmmmm (I am jammin’ & slammin’ yo). check!

8. OK, not putting much effort into this. dang. but i can snorkel without people need to hold me though 🙂

So, that’s good! I have achieve 6 out of 8 of my 2009 resolution. great! 🙂 I know 2009 is been tough for those born in ox year; the ox require to work very hard in 2009 but I managed to pull through. Yes, I’ve been working very hard to achieve the target in 2009 and I can pat my own back when looking back what I have achieved.

2010 going to be a good year for ox people. Ha,ha I know I read too much on chinese horoscope.

New year 2010 resolution? I have yet to think about it but here goes:

1. I need to shed 10lbs i’ve been putting on the third quarter of 2009;

2. Shall learn to swim (and dive) – 2009 no 8 carry forward!

3. Excel in landscape architecture, internship at one of the best firm; (hint: Bangsar)

4. Visiting another country (-ies) – overseas (this doesn’t include Indonesia);

5. To be a better person- I’m going to have an awesome quarter century life- year! 🙂

6. To get a better job, prepare to move to another place -country.

7. To have more & more fun, i mean a LOT of fun!

8. New sweetheart? ha,ha i love the 2009 though.

9. to attract good things in life. yes *sending it to the universe*

10. ( to be inserted, soon)

That’s all from me for 2009. Happy New Year 2010! May 2009 bring good memories & 2010 to bring more prosperity & goodness in life. iDa, signing off the 2009 from Xiamen, China. See you again in 2010!


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  1. hanna Tan says:


    2010 resolution no 4. do invite me yah! i’m dying to go out of malaysia! hahahaha

    1. anggun3 says:

      hahaha will do. but haven’t decided the next destination, yet 🙂

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