Xiamen, China

I’m back in ever-sunny/rainy Penang. Ah. A week in China made me missed Malaysian food especially the glorious Penang hawker food. I’m craving for char koey teow, hokkien mee, chee cheong fun, assam laksa, roti canai & i even missed nasi kandar, OMFG. Apart from that, I kinda miss tuaran mee, soto & rojak mbak sana Kg Likas, ngiau chap, roti bakar sana Damai/Luyang and even food city food. hahahahah! Ok enough of food.

I just finished tranferring photos from my camera to my macbook & with a little white balance/crop/color saturation, and walla.. below are few of my oriental garden shots. Pardon me for lack of photos of Xiamen (and me) due to my forgetfulness to bring my camera charger.


10,000 rock garden/ Xiamen Botanical Garden

Part of Nanputuo Temple

Shuzhuang Garden, Gulangyu Island

Main shopping district, Zhongshan Lu

One of China’s National Scenic Spot, Gulangyu Island

Botanical Garden

I just love the tree!

For the rest of the photos, kindly refer to my facebook Amoy photo album 🙂

I am sooo into oriental landscape design & Xiamen’s urban landscape definitely cries for their own oriental identity. I like! 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. great photos! it really looks an awesome place! I really like all those gardens

  2. berry says:

    great photos! i remembered ur hydrophobic situation, LOL.

  3. anggun3 says:

    hahaha thank you! the place is really awesome to visit in Fujian Province area! 🙂

    berry: yep… hydrophobic old habit die hard hahahahah! 🙂

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