Mandatory kit list

I received the latest June update via email for Hasu Tasuu trail run. i am quite close in completing the mandatory kit. It’s not much for the non-ultra trail run though but it’s going to be a good training to fully prepare for this one of it kind running event.

The updated list is the collapsible bowl and cup that I think is good practice to start here in Malaysia. You will see, thousands of polystyrene cup at the water station during any running event and that sadden me. Totally not environmentally-conscious event, and i hate to see that in the forest run/marathon.

There are event where it’s BYOB (Bring your own bottle), recently at Pisang Relay run at Bukit Jalil in which i think is a good move. Am actually quite excited about it.  Please refer to my previous Pisang Relay post as I blog about the whiskey look-like bottle. hahaha.

Anyway, I bought the origami foldable bowl/cup/plate from amazon.comto fulfill the mandatory kit list. and the picture below depicted the item I bought. It’s cute innit?


However, i forgot to buy the spork together with this. and, I rather not to buy the USD3 worth of product with USD25 shipping fee. hahahaha.

Anyway, I have yet to buy proper trail shoes (I am not confident with my vibram fivefingers KSO for more than 10km trail run), can anyone please recommend and advice me? I just bought the uber-awesome hot weather tactical army boots though for work/leisure with vibram sole & condura fabric but it would be too much to run with it. Hiking is okay, i guess.

Have you completed your mandatory list yet?

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