Colorcoil Hasuu Tasu Trail Run 2014 – finisher

I’ve got a lot in my mind to jot about my first experience in entering the Hasuu Tasu trail run but am in awe pain now, i can barely think of what write about. The severe delayed onset muscles soreness this morning whereby I can’t get out of bed, can’t move my leg, definitely can’t stand up, I don’t even dare to think how am I going to walk in this condition. My toe hurts and i have blisters.

But it’s all worth it. I fall in love with Sabah, all over again. I can’t wait to move back to KK, away from this dusty & kiasu KL. I fall in love with the people all over again. I’m a shy person, but I smile when people look at me. Smiling to me, is like saying hey, how do you do. I came across local runner during the run, when I simply make a small conversation like, way.. another hill in front, and they started to talk to me. Good. Few kampung kids bringing water in the bottle and a glass and asking everyone if we need water. I find they are very friendly and nice. But I do come across few people, that when I am trying to make small conversation with them, they just stare at me, wouldn’t even want to answer me, and gave me that look ‘mind your own business’. Fine, I couldn’t care less if you need my help or attention, am just trying to be nice and motivate everyone I come across while running.

I even say, bah… sa limpas dulu ahh .. to aunt or uncle that came out of their house and looking at us running in front of their house. They greeted me with smile and motivational smile.

I miss that beat, that vibe when am in KL.

20140818-132313-48193828.jpgJalan macam orang tua, wtith tongkat. lol


Me with my finisher medal & tee


Am so happy seeing the finish line


Friends made along the way


Bib no and my finisher !! oh by the way, my friend bought my bib no (and twist it along its line), and won RM6000 lottery today. LOL. Even am not winning this, at least i made somebody else richer. and am grateful 🙂

20140818-132312-48192901.jpgThe back side of the finisher


and… my results. Saya budak baru belajar. Not bad for a person that stop all strenuous activities for 2 months plus knee injury.

To be honest, the first part of the run is about physical strength but the second part of the run is mainly about mental strength, nothing else. and I made it !! You got to say Yes to every No. You got to say Yes for another turning, another hill and another few km to go.

So, when is my next run?

Back to back 10km BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon and 21km Standard Chartered KL Marathon !

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  1. Oh my! I’m impress babe! The sceneries were very beautiful! You made me wanna run there (not a professional runner either coz I’m always the slow one). Btw I came across your blog coz I was checking on the Putrajaya Deuter Trail Run. 🙂

    1. anggun3 says:

      hahahaha there’s always a first time. am not a professional runner too. am just recreational runner but there only thing that will keep you running is your basic intention, either as a hobby, profession, personal goal etc

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