The reason why am cold-hearted


I come from a place where i dont show off any affection towards everybody else. I keep a very strict, cold blooded, no feeling kinda person, Am not lovey-dovey, mushy-nashy, and definitely not a PDA’s. Public display affection.

Not even to the love ones. Not even to my parents. It doesnt mean i don’t love them. Its just that am not used to giving affection to anyone else. You can never see me, giving affection to babies, or toddler.

I am born & raised in the manner, whereby.. I keep the feeling to myself.

Sorry, if am being cold-blooded friend, daughter, or friend. I am just not like, anybody else.

Am different. And you know it.

Happy father’s day. You always be in my heart. Just that i don’t share or communicate the love to you.

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