Virtual platform – a pseudo-social killer


I like to keep things traditional. I think there’s a lot of information about everyone in the world wide web nowadays, and it’s taking a toll on the social human to human interaction. We’re too dependent on the virtual platform rather than to cherish the real life interaction.  

More over, I like to keep a lot of thing to myself. I do, share a lot about me here, in my blog or any other social platform that you connected to me. But, I don’t share much with my immediate family. and i like to keep it that way. 

I like to keep them, by human interaction, by phone calls, by saying hi/ interacting with them face to face. Not on virtual platform.

Because when the real life and love gone virtual. Everything will be superficial. Everything will be decoded. Written history in every pulse of the databits save somewhere at the storage at Silicon Valley, or any other station around the world. 

and, that definitely, not saved in your memory.  What’s left in the memory if everything else stored in the virtual platform?

What about the feel of hurt from falling off the trees. What about the agonizing knee pain from the hilly run? 

Everything captured in the social network status update? Perhaps human mind is slowly degrading by letting all these technology taking over our life. Isn’t it? 

Letters becoming emails. Postcard becoming virtual card. Phone calls becoming video calls/chats/IMs.

And seeking information turning you into so-called ‘stalking’ other people by google-ing them. 

And, instead of calling and asking them how are they doing, we turn the gesture into reading their profile & 

Oh, I haven’t started yet, on jealousy, stalking, using available information to black mail people, to point out mistake. To keep in track of people. 


Internet is full of shit. Full of information. Shitty information that trap and kills human interaction. 

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