Singapore Sundown Marathon 2014

Finally, i can strike off my 2012 bucket list.

Am happy beyond any words. I enjoy the run, eventhough i was super tired (i was walking/standing/running non-stop around Sentosa island & Universal Studio.

The run started at 10.30pm and took me about 1 hour & 20 mins fo complete the run. It’s fairly flat route, with no major changes in elevation.

20140603-112232 pm-84152664.jpg
The place you can take picture

20140603-112307 pm-84187840.jpg
For oversea late pick up of race pack

20140603-112443 pm-84283240.jpg

20140603-112441 pm-84281404.jpg

20140603-112444 pm-84284046.jpg

20140603-112442 pm-84282205.jpg

20140603-112448 pm-84288598.jpg

20140603-112449 pm-84289587.jpg

20140603-112446 pm-84286422.jpg

20140603-112444 pm-84284804.jpg

20140603-112454 pm-84294561.jpg

20140603-112454 pm-84294242.jpg

20140603-112450 pm-84290022.jpg

20140603-112453 pm-84293431.jpg

20140603-112447 pm-84287256.jpg

20140603-112445 pm-84285614.jpg

20140603-112451 pm-84291387.jpg

20140603-112447 pm-84287662.jpg

20140603-112452 pm-84292421.jpg

20140603-112451 pm-84291003.jpg

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