if only …


It’s been.. a year since i moved out of Penang. Been years since i lost trust in friends. Been years since i ever trust anyone again.

I was contemplating.. reading old messages. Remembering old memories, thinking why did it happen.

Why people lost along the way? Why suddenly the warmest friendship turns cold turkey. Why, because of one initial disturbance, changes everything.

Just in the blink of an eye.

I love my life in Penang. i am fond of the memories over 4 years i was there. From struggling to adjust back to student life, to flying like a butterfly in the social scene.

I miss the way that, everything goes as planned. Where am thankful to God for every days given to me, every breath that i take. I miss the way, that i feel truly independent.

I have friend that i can rely on, i have friend that will listen to me, that i love giving advices to her.

That we, exploring Penang & its people. I miss meeting new people, and just chill.

I miss ferringhi. I miss upper penang road. I miss soho.

Am leaving all that, to have a better life. To pursue what my heart desire. To move on, and becoming closer to ..

am i.. doing the right move? I still sulk because of you ditching me.

But, i miss you, my dear friend.

If only you knew. If only you read this. I got so, so much to tell you.

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