Neodize 2.0

Introducing my new baby, neo. I finally met him, and he got delivered to me by noon today. Awesome. I am very grateful for the neo and I hope I can go further in life, now that I am officially mobile in Penang.

Yep. It’s manual. I started my first journey by loading up fuel at bukit gambier petrol station, and then, driving up to Greenlane. I drove all the way heading to Batu Ferringhi, but went straight to the Gurney drive, the coastal road of Georgetown, back to Jelutong Expressway, and straight to Bayan Indah where I drop by at Queensbay to buy stuff, and now I am back in my room. Yeah. Awesome pickup for the car, handling is awesome, cornering is marvelous. It’s just that when I speed up and the car move to 4000rpm, the cam profile switching take place, where the horsepower and torque picking up. It’s the same method as in the honda vtec or the toyota vvt-i. Overall, I am happy with the performance. To make things fun, the gear shift is awesome, I can feel I am controlling the car. This car is meant for aggressive driving. However, it is also a fun car to drive.

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  1. adamz says:

    neodize 2.0!!!! yeaa!

    1. anggun3 says:


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