i should be thinking of what i want to do in life, not what other people wants me to be, or to please others so that they will like me. i made that mistake before and am feeling that i am repeating it all over again.

New opportunity arise and shall i jump to it? back to comfortable life? easy going, back to the familiarity?

I would love that, and to be with the person i love the most in the world.. but would that justify what i have gone through for the past 2 years? Would that make be go back to square one? Would that make me feel like i’m just wasting time here?

I am alone here, given me ample time to contemplate and to think what i want. and that mess everything out. my head said to stay, be patience, learn, experience things in life but my heart say go back, people love you back there, they always welcome me. Ah. i dont know.

I love them to death. i love them so much.

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