Archaicly coying? Ha,ha!

Shoot. I should be sleeping by now, but here I am. I’ve been ha,ha.. trying on clothes I have never worn before. Yes, my closet here is almost full (even with the ikea clothes compartment organizer, I still can’t fit in all my clothes inside. Phew. I managed to come up with a killer club outfit, and to complement with the smokey eyes. I don’t know if I done it right (or not), I tried on the Sephora’s intense blue duo eyeshadow. I have never wear it out before, because I don’t have the confidence with my eye-shadowing and no, clothes that I be able to pull it out with the shades. Most of my outfits are all dressy and flowery, in which suitable with my Bobbi Brown’s pretty powerful palette. Yep, worth buying the palette even though it cost more than 200. Ha,ha.

And because of the dehydration, and lips cracking, my lips are getting bigger. So, when I put on bright red/orange lipstick, the lips looks more pouty than the usual, and more luscious? Ha,ha. Please give your constructive comments guys 🙂

Yeah, I know. I’m bored. Hence, I’m cam-whoring. Ah. I should be sleeping! I got to finish up the tender construction drawing tomorrow! I can’t wait! Wooohooo!

Good night everyone!

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