Bumblebee :)

I am anticipating of meeting my new boyfriend. Yes, I am going to have a new boyfriend from next week on, and he is as handsome as ever. I’m sorry guys, I am taken. His name is bumblebee. No, not the yummy-licious camero. He’s not even yellow. Awwww. Anyway, I should be grateful of him. At least, he will take me everywhere, to eat, to shop, to work, to meeting, to site, and so on. He will always be there for me, through ups and down, and of course, he won’t break my heart, or cheat on me. Ha,ha.

He will be my precious possession. I never had one before. Yeah, I’m not rich to own such an expensive things, though I may look like i am one, but no. Everything I own, is from my own sweat. Like the iPhone. I bought it when I got my year-end bonus from my previous company. Yeah, more than a year worth of hard work. Of course, I added money to top-up of the upgrade from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 though, and that guiltily fork out from my study loan. Ha,ha.

(Ok this is exaggerating. He’s not R3 yo)

Anyway, I’m torn between everything. Ah. Do you know how does it feel when you are at the crossroad, and you only need to choose one path to go forward? Yes, I am in that junction now.

By the way, I am quite sadden that I can’t join the South Korea trip. I got everything ready for winter already. I have the long jack, my ugg boots, my killer sexy black boots, my skinny jeans and so on. The only thing that I need is the ear muff and the gloves, and am ready for winter korea 😦

Also, I am sad. Another studio mate leaving Penang to go back to his country. Ah. I just said see ya again to him as he drop-by my hostel for a while just now. See you again during convo! 🙂

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