Sheer driving pleasure

Ah. It’s 2.30 am and I just got back to my place. Well, I had a date night out with my boyfriend. We were cruising around Georgetown, and up to Tanjung Tokong. Ha,ha.  Do know you that, normally, it will take me like 30-40 minutes to drive from USM to Straits Quay, and just now, we managed to get there in less than half and hour, and no, I am not speeding. OK, I may be race a little bit with the bmw 3-series. That guy pissed me off, he really drive quite near to neodize, so I speed up a little along Jalan Utama to Jalan Gottilieb before turning to the Tanjung Tokong way. I had my java chip at Straits Quay before we headed to Gurney Drive. Ah. I kinda lost around the Georgetown area but I managed to learn few short cut from here to there. Ha,ha. So, and he looks so gorgeous and smooth as ever.

Prior to the date, I had tennis practice at Bayswater’s tennis court. Oh how I love the landscape design of the condo and how I wish I can stay there soon *wishful thinking*.

Gosh. I just found out my sheer driving pleasure again, and now in Penang. Ah. Batu Ferringhi tomorrow perhaps? I was in Queensbay earlier, trying to find some decoration for him. Then it struck me, that I have no idea on what to buy or where to buy. My dear kelisa has been furnished with stuff by my mom. I never actually bought anything for my kelisa. Oh gosh. Ha,ha. Anyway, I didn’t get anything that I like just now. I just managed to get the blind spot mirror. I find that useful when I’m driving my neighbor’s car. So, I’m putting another one for him. I managed to buy the car vacuum too. So tomorrow, I am going to vacuum the savvy. My next task is to buy the steering lock. I went to the Ace Hardware and they got so, so many steering lock of different choices and price tag. I have no idea what to buy, and in the end I didn’t. My dad ask me to buy the steering lock, so I’ll look for one tomorrow then. My mom bought all the stuff for the kelisa from lovely lace, so probably I’ll drop by Gurney tomorrow, and probably call her to ask for her opinion. Don’t worry, I won’t hang some cutesy teddy bear. Ha,ha that is soo girly. 😛 I’ll get something from Laura Ashley or equivalent too. I want to soften the interior look to complement the aggresive exterior look. So, yeah. I’m going girly. Afterall, this is a lady’s car 😛

However, please bear in mind, I drive like a lunatic penangites, but what makes me better than the rest is that I’m very courtesy on the road and I am using more signal from now on.

Heading back to my place, I drive-in to McD for my sahur and I kinda speed along greenlane and gelugor, and pap! There’s a road block in front of the USM minden gate. Oh no! Luckily all the police are only looking out for all the rempits. I kinda afraid of my tinted window but all is well. I smiled to the police officer, raise my hand and he let me go 🙂 weeeee.

As of the sound system. I am quite happy with the OEM blaupunkt player installed. Awesome sound system and enough for me to listen to all my favourite radio station and CDs. I don’t need the extra bass or whatever they guys normally add in. I am contented with the sound. As long as it is crisp clear, I get all my channel, and I can sing to the song, is enough for me. Yep, I can find happiness in little tiny thing like this. I am contented.

Well, if you are listening to the radio ad, find your own passion or happiness that doesn’t involve or depending on others to make you happy. I am contented of driving alone, and yes I agree with the advertisement. You will be more contented in life if you depend on yourself for your own happiness.

I am going to sign up for the AAM membership. I am awaiting for the dealer to get the information for me.

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