Watchmen – The Review


drmanhattanfromtrailerThe blue radioactive  CG-effect Dr Manhattan naked with the largest penis in silver screen. ROFL (Photo credit:


I’ll divide the review of the Watchmen to two part, the good & the bad:

Thumbs up to :

1. Good sci-fi effect. the CG-whatever-u-called-it-effect was awesome;

2. Foursome sex scene of three Dr Manhattans & Silk Spectre II  and she said your finger taste like a battery. mwahahahaha. kinky.

3. Strong language and graphic violence, 2 thumbs up! 

4. Very dark story, darker than The Dark Knight. Ha,ha.

5. I like the Rorschach character. He got some issues. mwahaha.

Boohoo to:

1. 2 hours & 45 minutes of movie – dreading storyline, yikes;

2. Spandex costume, yikes. I know, it should be latex since the time frame for the movie from 1940s up to 1985. So, it’s understandable of the spandex costume;

3. I can’t fathom the blue glowing electric radioactive naked with showing full frontal Dr. Manhattan do some yoga pose with butt-naked in Mars. He lose touch with humanity, hence, moving to Mars. wtf?;

4. The background music – hallelujah for sex scene? Unforgetable  -Nat King Cole for the killing of the Comedian scene, etc. WTF. 

5. I’m lost between the transaction of back-flashes scene. Nixon’s era in 1985 or were the story evolved around 1940s when bunch of superheroes trying to save the world. eh?

6. The ending, the anti-climax. There are a few times I thought the story going to end, but it dragged for another half and hour until the final, unrealistic ending? omg.

The movie gave me a full-unsatisfactory reaction to the plot and storyline. I’m depressed from watching this movie. 


The movie rated 18-PL in Malaysia for it’s strong excessive violence and sex.  Not recommended for kids under 18 years old. 

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  3. The comic book has a very different ending, including some seriously trippy tentacles:


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