Watchmen – The Review Part II

I can’t help but to laugh when I see traffic being directed to my blog with the keyword input as below:


Oh come on my dear reader, a blue penis won’t turn you on. So why google for it?


p/s: I can’t believe that the movie stand at number one spot in the box office chart March 6-8, 2009 

oh c’mon. Ask yourself on whether the movie beats other superhero movie (think Dark Knight) or not. Don’t just follow the hype.

Hmm.. I should look up for the 12 series comic book. I heard the comic way better than the movie. 

p/s: I loooooove the soundtrack though! 🙂 Nina Simone! Nat King Cole! Billie Holiday! Simon & Garfunkel! Bring it on GOOD music! 🙂

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