1Borneo Part 2

Okay I may not good at reviewing things but I surely know how to advertise! Ha.ha. seems that these few days, plenty of people googling on 1Borneo. Well, everyone is curious & not much information being put in the media (apart from the GSC 1Borneo giving away free tickets from 31/5 until 4/6/08), I see not much being done to promote. Maybe I am wrong, I’m not the kind of person that will read local newspaper everyday but I surely will read my TheStar, NST, TheEdgeDaily news everyday before 8 while having my breakfast & coffee. Maybe there are some advertisement in the Daily Express or The New Sabah Times. LOL.

I don’t know & I don’t bother to check. ha.ha.

But I do know that in the world wide web, not much information being circulated regarding the mixed development project mentioned earlier.  Apart from another blog, the official website & some tourism-related website, I see no other site that give an in-depth information. But of course credit to whoever put the conceptual development video in youtube & the Tune Store/Hotel. Bravo to Airasia!

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is not widely advertise yet because it is not officially launch & everything is still in the midst of completion. What I am trying to say is, that we’ll just wait and see!

I can’t wait to see some Project development (once it complete & operational) in Sabah, they will have a continously updated website & not just a one time website set-up & walla, that’s it.  So, 1Borneo, are you up to the challenge? :p

Yep, I will go to the soft opening this weekend & I will bring my camera & blog about it again later. geez… I feel like a journalist. Ha,ha. I’m just a humble blogger that got nothing better to do that blog about every little thing. Well, not everything though. *ROFL.

So I will update this again once I gather sufficient material. 🙂


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