Best Kept Secret!


And will be a best kept secret no more! I am releasing the secret to the world!
(Alert: To all my friends, I have never told you guys before! I swear!)
I used to have a crush on one senior when I was still in form 1. He was the school prefect, form 5, extremely fair complexion, small eyes, and dimples on the cheek. Cute!
I really love to look at him chatting with his other prefect friends every morning before the class start. You see, my school used to have this morning, queue up outside the class while those in charge of cleaning the class will do their task. My class located at the first floor while his was located at the lower level. So it is easy for me to see him talking to his friends.
and no attempt made to know him better.
I just enjoy the smile to made my day, everyday for that year.
Ah. I still can remember the smile. 🙂

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  1. Ren says:

    I used to hv crushes on every cool senior wahahahaha!!!!
    Nahhh…some only bah…friends shud know 🙂

  2. anggun3 says:

    No bah Ren. He’s not that cool too. Not even listed in All Saints’ celebrity list! Maybe he’s an idol among amoi’s but definitely not a school celeb.
    i think lah. LOL. It’s been like, 10 years ago for god sake!
    Punya lama. ha,ha.

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