Yep I went to 1Borneo today as it is ‘unofficially’ open its door to public. Well, my first impression was, whoa, not bad lah. The developer still rushing to finish up everything. Basically the mall & its adjacent hotels are in the finishing phase but for condos, they are still struggling with the floor construction.

I hope this mall will have sufficient parking lot to accommodate the number of visitors especially during the weekend. The first shop that makes me go ga-ga was the French Connection! FCUK finally reaching KK! 

There are some other bigger store open in 1B as compared to the one in Warisan such as Charles & Keith, Esprit, Billabong, Blush etc.  Argh I can’t remember all the shops, but some that i take notice are M.A.C cosmetic!!, Braun Buffel!!!!, Tune store, Nine West, MNG, Crocs, GUESS, Euro Moda, Samsonite, and etc.

However, I can’t locate my Zara yet. 😦 

Owh, some of the cafe that I notice during my visit was Starbucks, Kenny Roger & RCH. We weren’t really walk to every lane & corner. mwhahaha.

Th GSC 1Borneo wasn’t that bad, as compared to the one in downtown. It is much more better. But it is incomparable to the Cineleisure Damansara! I sooo LOVE the Cineleisure The Curve! 🙂

I come across one blog that give in-depth information regarding the updates in Sabah. You can check it here! Bravo!

I went to 1B with si Adamz. He’s down in KK for some fam thingy. mwhahaha. Then we went off to Warisan Sq for lunch etc. I then went ga-ga over his iphone! warghghghgh. i want an iPhone!! 

me promoting iPhone!


oh dang! Now I seriously want one. I have made up my mind. I’m getting iPhone over xperia X1! But of course I have to wait until end of this year (the earliest) to get my hands on the 2nd generation! 🙂

I met his ‘cute’ friend too & we hang-out at Starbucks Warisan & everyone went ga-ga again over gadgets. I brought along my macbook too, obviously. *rofl.

ah I can’t sleep tonight. I still can feel the iphone on my palm & fingertip! *Soi oh ko adamz. LOL.

Oh btw, 1Borneo is not located in the city centre. It is located along the Jalan Sulaman-UMS. So in order to increase human traffic to the Project area, they are planning to offer hovercraft service to transport people from the city centre & the airport. Cool eh. The reason being to transport people straight to the airport is that, 1B will housed 4 hotels, Tune Hotel, Novotel 1B, Mercure and BEST WESTERN Coutryard Hotel. The taxi ride will cost a bomb to transfer tourist from the airport to 1Borneo.

Hovercraft in KK?

Could this kind of hovercraft will be another new added item to KK-Likas seaview ?

p/s: To all my DusunKadazan friends, and whoever celebrated Harvest Festival, Kotobian Tadau Do Kaamatan! Moginum kita (cheers) !! Ha.ha.

Hmmm… I’m thinking of driving to Karambunai beach tomorrow, alone. 

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  1. 1Earth says:

    How’s your wish list of shops you want at 1Borneo going. Not sure Zara is there yet, are they coming? After the second Sunday of trying to fight the chaos I gave up going there.

    Maybe if I have a miraculous day off in the middle of the week I’ll try it again. Perhaps not so crazy then.

  2. anggun3 says:

    err same ol’ repetition of shops & nothing much to be happy about. Hey I got the info of Zara opening up in 1B from your website? but until now I see no sign indicating that Zara opening up their store here. so..

    I never knew that there is such rumors but all I can confirm is that the basement parking lot was indeed flooded up to the ankle during the soft launching due to heavy downpour and I parked my car there. (*heart pain)
    Give em time. Im sure they’ll improve.
    Will they?

  3. jane says:

    thanks for the info, i just been there and luckily didn’t book Tune hotel. Didn’t realise it’s actually so far away! even the free shuttle, they are reserved for hotel guests, imagine non guest like me, I was stuck just to wait for the next next shuttle and if lucky empty seat.

  4. anggun3 says:

    haha yes indeed. it is quite far from the city & public transportation not as efficient as other place. better to book room in the city or any other place depending on your targeted visiting area. Tune hotel would be most convenient if you are traveling and doing some business nearby UMS, Sulaman etc.

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