As you stalker probably know by now, anggun3 is own by me & no one else in this cyber-world. The fact that I am the only one that have been using anggun3 in this world wide web! So anggun3 is synonymous to me!

I have been using the username since erm.. 11 years ago. So EVERYTHING u google up would end up being directed to my site, blog, forum, web-album and etc. 

What so special about anggun3? Anggun is a malay word & according to Malay for The Institute of Language and Literature abbr. DBP, anggun brings a meaning of chic, elegant, grace, graceful.

I was NO where close to that meaning when i was 11 or 12 years old when I started off entering the cyber-world. I was a tomboy, tough-looking girl. Noooo idea why i choose that word to be my so-called identity in www. No one knows during that time. Ironic eh?

The secret

I chose anggun3 as my id because I used to listen to the Indonesian singer with French citizenship that has the same name as my id. She has a powerful voice and a unique hand movement when she sings. AND I used to have super-long hair as hers. So, yeah. That’s why i opt for anggun3 to be my id in http://www. 

Why 3? Why not 8?

You see, I was born in March & my birthdate consist of number 3 too.  Ha.ha. 

So that is the story behind my anggun3.

Below is the clip of Anggun singing at West 54th Street, NYC. I totally love the intro-song in malay. She’s still awesome!

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