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  1. Loulou says:

    why do you want to replace your s500i ?
    It works correctly, doesn’t it ?
    PLEASE I need the infomation ’cause I’ll buy this phone next week
    thank you


  2. anggun3 says:

    oh hey Loulou! 😛
    I’m replacing this phone because I want a pda phone instead of just a smart phone.

    s500i a good phone though. Has every basic function and some more, it look sleek and designer-inspired.

    Just be careful with the keypad. a lil bit fragile for a heavy sms-user. 🙂

  3. elke says:

    hello, why do not take you I-phone. those find I most beautiful! he has also touch screen that is also skilful! that S500i is also complete beautiful but there from a test has become clear that toetsjes complete a lot rapidly break! this is absolute! none well English because I am just 13 years old and I live in the Netherlands…. the advantage of that middle (weet not how those are called…) is that he review chalkboard has that is many types! but I find I-ponhe most beautiful and most skilful! groetjes, elke

  4. sophie says:

    i want the phone !!

  5. .andrew. says:

    Which phone did you end up getting? I love SE’s but I didn’t want the X1 due to it being windows. I just got the Blackberry 8900 which is pretty nice but I’m just so hooked on SE I keep popping my sim card back in my C902. I miss the camera quality.

  6. .andrew. says:

    Oh and I blogrolled you which I hope is cool?

  7. anggun3 says:

    errr till now I havnt decided on which phone I’m gonna get. i love SE phone, X1 but its so not me. I love iphone cuz of the sleek design but the spec isnt that interestin. I’m thinking of getting blackberry too, blackberry bold to be exact but data rate package here is too astronomical. so.
    yes SE phone camera is the best so far 🙂

    ayeee sure u can blogrolled me! 🙂 ill add u to my blogroll too if its okay ?:)

  8. .andrew. says:

    Yeah, I bought an iPod touch after a few weeks with the iPhone. The specs do stink compared to most phones. The sleek design is nice at first but then when you have to start typing messages and sending people photos etc you get tired of it fast. It also can only do one thing at a time, no multi tasking which is sad. I looked at the Bold too, but I liked the 8900 more since it has a better camera and the same design, just a little smaller. Data is expensive here as well so I’m using the wifi a lot!

    Sure you can blogroll me. 🙂

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