Judgement Day

Tomorrow is the day…. the judgement day.

The day that my mistake will be pointed-out. The day that I will be told I have not done good enough.

The day that I may be 200 bucks richer. *wishful thinking*


So, tomorrow is THE day. 

Until then, I shall keep mum about it. If I am free after the judgement day, I will blog about it A.S.A.P.

I promise! 

 May 29th, 2008. 4.36 pm.

Judgement day wasn’t that as horrible as I thought it might be. Was called a sort-of-traitor as because I was helping friend from disaster. Well, my fault too as I did not tell her earlier.

it is quite confidential to discuss about it here. And dear boss & colleagues, if you are reading my blog, please do not mad at me writing about this to the whole wide world. Ha, ha.

Owh, and I am 0.2k bucks richer. *grin*

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