Shake your pom pom


I can’t believe I’m beginning to be a gym bunny. I can’t stop going to the Y and I spend about 2 to 3 hours there, 3 times a week (at least).

I can feel my biceps, lattisimus dorsi & upper abs getting firmer! yeay! ah, and shoulder getting sexier too. mwahahaha. All because of the resistance-workout, cardio & dancing session.

For those first-timer, I reckon y’all to get a personal trainer (PT). They can assist you to achieve your target goal either to increase your fitness level, to lose weight, to tone up or whatever it is. I had 2 PT when I was in KL so this time, PT wouldn’t be necessary for me to achieve my goal as I already plan my own fitness programme.

The first thing you got to identify is the reason why you want to do workout. Some just want to
1. Acknowledging everyone that they ‘go‘ to the gym to work out;
2. Checking people out;
3. To lose weight;
4. To pump up their muscles;
5. To simply killing time in the gym because they got all the time in the world. mwahaha.

For me, I want to increase my fitness level particularly my basal metabolic rate (BMR) as mine is slightly lower than average (means that I can bloat up in no time if i don’t control my food intake; low-metabolism rate, yada yada) & to increase my upper torso strength.

At the same time, I want to reduce my body fat percentage and pump up my muscles. LOL.
So, in order to achieve that, I must do at least 30 minutes of endurance (particularly with machines like treadmill, elliptical trainers or bodyjam session) & a 3 set-20 rep for each major muscles I want tone up. Ok, below is my fitness programme:
Lower body:
1. Leg curl 20 kg/15-20 rep/3 sets (muscle: Hamstrings);
2. Leg extension 20 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscle: Quadriceps);
3. Leg press 40 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscles:Quadriceps, gluteneus, hamstrings, gastronemius, soleus);
4. Abductor 25 kg/20 rep/3 sets (muscles: tensor of fascia lata, gluteus)
5. Adductor 20 kg/20 rep/3 sets (muscles: v.v for abductor)
6. Glute 25 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscles: d butt)

1. Chest incline 10 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscles: pectoral, delfoids, triceps)
2. Lat machines 15 kg/25 rep/3 sets (muscles: Latissimus dorsi, biceps)
3. Total abdominal 15 kg 50 rep/3 sets (muscles: pectus-abdominis obliques, rectusfemoral ileopsoas)
4. Low row 25 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscles: latissimus dorsi, biceps, rhomboid)
5. Lower back 20 kg/15 rep/ 3 sets (muscles: quadratus lumborum, sacrospinal)

Upper body:
1. Chess press 10 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscles: pectoral, deltoids, triceps)
2. Pectoral machine 10 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscles: pectoral)
3. Shoulder press 10 kg/15 rep/3 sets (muscles: deltoids, triceps)

Thats all from me today. 🙂

p/s: I’m still figuring out how to connect my ipod to the treadmill. Been looking for the ipod dock but i guess i can’t open up the flap covering it. LOL. or the treadmill is not ipod compatible

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