Big fish & big gulp

I just came back from Warisan. Had dinner with my mother & my cousin; and I settled the bill. 🙂 Today is my mother’s birthday.

Anyway, we had a small birthday party for those Feb/March birthday people (including me) in the office. We had a mocha cheesecake for 4 birthday girls/boys.

After lunch, the building owner gave a green light for us to move in to the new room. yeay! Finally, a room for EIA executives. So we were happily moving in furniture, setting up computers & cleaning up the conference room as well as rearranging the office setup. Too bad, we don’t have enough extension, so I guess on monday I have to bring my macbook to the office to do work. It was fun rearranging stuff in the office just now & I’m pretty much laughing most of the time. The boss was alright today too; trying to make jokes with us. heh. She’s fun.

Anyway, I’m pretty much bloated from today’s food frenzy. Had chicken etc + cheesecake for lunch, salmon +chips +peppermint ice cream for dinner. ah. I need to burn those tomorrow.

Aww… I gotta help my cousin to move in to her new house tomorrow in Kingfisher. Ah. No time to go to the gym. ah.

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