Sunday morning

Wow… somebody has been keeping in track of the development around KK

And to share with you all, the things that will keep me busy in the next one month is shown in one of Malaysia’s premier development forum. Ha. ha. Cool! 🙂

I know, it is already listed in the website since end of last month. 🙂

I went to 1Borneo again with Jessie & Justyn for a sushi lunch date. I had the most horrible sushi-moment just now! argh. I give zero for the service! and 1-star for the food. yucks. 

I missed my economic-Jusco 8.90RM sushi set in Midvalley! and I still prefer the food in Hana Japanese Restaurant, City Mall. 2 thumbs up for Hana! The best service, great sushi, great ambience. TOTAL japanese-class sushi experience. 🙂

My next trip to Hana’s, I want to sit next to the aquarium. ah. 🙂

Need to clean up my room now & to start preparing for my Project plan since I was given a month or so to finish up the final report. so yeah, aja aja hwaiting! LOL. eh, korean language pulak. mwhahaha.

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